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An renowned creator and promoter of exclusive Fragrances & Flavors.

Frag Essence, started with scratch and was established with a commitment to serving the client better and with a vision for the future. We have been established to change the way of doing business with a fragrance company.. No longer do you have to settle for doing things the way century-old models are still operating.

We work with diverse suppliers who have good business sense and technology to provide our customers with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products and service.At Fragessence, our aim is to create a product portfolio of high value that is friendly for both people and nature, while continuing to grow and develop fragrances which are high on innovative quality and unique odour characteristics. We are poised and ready to create and deliver fragrances for national brands, private labels and designers. Be invited to compare our service, creativity, and technology to the competition.

  • Our passion is fragrance and we live this every day through the intense, collaborative work that is needed to design winning perfume.
    Fragessence has exclusive arrangement for creation of the Fragrances, with several national & international houses of high repute.



  • While detergents make things squeaky clean, we make sure they smell clean. Consumers can see clean, but they also want to experience the aromatic sensation of being clean. That’s why we formulate nature-inspired, fresh, clean scents for a variety of home care and Fabric care products.
    Sensing New Challenges & Delivering New Exciting Ideas Each Day!

  • Home is your hub. Home fragrances have become a highly consumable product because people want to infuse their surroundings with aromas that convey comfort, calm and relax, revitalize and recharge, or simply fill the air with intoxicating scent. We as a Company are always, exploring new ideas and concepts to keep up with your demands for products. At every stage greeting the user with a scented statement of a job well done!
    Our senses step into gear from the moment we wake up in the morning..

  • Whether it’s a Room Freshner or an Incense Stick.Fragrances should support a signal to the consumer.should convey the right message. .. fragrance needs to be a tool to communicate strength, independence and fearlessness..
    We are striving towards understanding of what it takes to get the consumer to pick up a fragrance, smell it and have it engage with them so deeply they feel it reflected around them on many emotional levels.
    Our Approach is simple – to bring people fragrant moments of delight in their Day to Day Life.

  • A perfume is one of the most notable fragrances one can experience. It becomes part of the body, part of the soul. The combinations of essences are endless when it comes to creating a signature scent but to be appealing, desirable and marketable; we have to understand the uniqueness of developing a fine fragrance and analyze every aspect of your project down to the target audience and current market trends.

  • It’s critical that the scent be appealing to the senses in application. Even more so when the fragrance is relevant to your brand. We believe that a Fragrance should deliver at precise moments during product use and convey qualities such as cleanliness, softness, caring, purity or sensual indulgence. We delight in co-creating with our customers. Right from the start of an idea to interesting new delivery systems, we work side by side with customers on product development .
    We pride ourselves in creating fragrances people love and deliver measurable fragrance performance!

  • A Passion to Co-Create inspires Us to Discover New Fragrances which Inspires & Delights Our Customers.
    We Dream..We Dabble...Our Scents Surprise and Delight .


We maintain and adhere to strict delivery standards.

A detailed process system entails the entire production cycle. We maintain rigid standards with regard to handling of material, which enables us to give you the product in its purest form. Full care is taken at the time of packing the material in the desired packing sizes to enable swift movement, handling & transportation.

We make sure that the manufacturing & stocking area is kept spotlessly clean. Paramount importance is given to safety & storage of materials. The lead time for dispatch of material depends on the availability of raw-materials and can vary but then we are always ready to take on your big fragrance challenge.

Honesty, integrity, vision along with a commitment toward you and towards ourselves and to make a difference to this world, is what we have set out to do. And we intend to achieve that, no matter what, in times to come.

  • Every day is an opportunity to make a difference.
    Whether it’s for an exquisite fine fragrance or a long-lasting laundry detergent, we put our heart and soul into crafting fragrances that bring joy on your Face. .

Research & Development

Passion to Create Smell & An Experience

People drive our services while utilizing the most advanced technological resources. Whether it be the consistency of in-bound raw materials that are reviewed for technical specifications and odor approved by our perfumery counterpart ensuring compliance in the every changing Global Regulatory Environment.

A submission is not complete until stability testing certifies a creation suitable for use in a consumer application. Here again due to our strategic tie ups ,we have access to facilities of full service analytical resources which include Gas Chromatograph (GC) & Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), multiple stability ovens, UV light testing as well as Cosmetic Chemistry Application Services

Our Fragrance specialists have highly effective raw materials at their disposal, while meeting the modern-day demands of the perfumery industry. Our finished materials are measured against strict international standards.Conformity of our fragrance materials to their olfactory, physical and chemical specifications is done. We test our fragrances in different bases, temperatures & conditions for stability before providing you with a solution.

  • The smell of the earth after the rain...the warm tumbling scent of clean clothes in a dryer..Freshly cut grass..Smell Of a Good Whisky
    Our olfactive world extends well beyond fragrance in to a passion for the scent of everything .

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